Young County Lodge #485 Raises Cowboy Cartoonist To a Master Mason

Young County Lodge #485 in Graham, TX has seen some extreme growth in it’s Masonic membership, it’s Masonic activities, and it’s Masonic benevolence over the past few years; but, none as exciting as conferring the degrees and raising to a Master Mason of one Brother A.W. Erwin.

Brother Erwin, may be best known across Texas and the United States from his drawings of the ever famous Hooves and Horns “Cowtoons”. From his bio on the Hooves and Horns web page, we read that Brother Erwin is:

A native Texan, A.W. has been drawing ever since he can remember, and nothing was sacred... old boot boxes, feed sacks or leather scraps, any bare flat surface was fair game for one of his drawings. Most of his work is a reflection of past experiences, building fence and cattle pens, hauling hay, riding bulls and bucking horses, working with "snakey" cattle and the various people and personalities found only in the cow country.
HOOVES & HORNS appears in numerous newspapers, magazines and newsletters, and he has produced his "Hooves & Horns Cowlendars" for over 25 years, with fifteen books to his credit, a line of greeting cards and numerous other related gift items.
It was pointed out on television's "Texas Country Reporter" that a pair of eyeglasses are hidden in each cartoon, a now there's a hidden pocket-knife as well. Folks have been looking for them ever since, maybe they like a challenge, or simply because they recognize the genuine down home humor and it's authentic roots.

Among his many accomplishments and accolades from his cartoon work, one that stands out among the many was when Brother Erwin was recognized in 2004 as the Academy of Western Artists Cowboy Cartoonist of the Year. In December 2011 Brother Erwin came to the Lodge Hall in Graham to pick up a Turkey during the annual Great Turkey Smoke-Out. While there, he quizzed members on how to become a Mason and was invited to take a look around the Lodge. Before leaving with his turkey he asked for and received his petition for the degrees. Brother Erwin advanced through the degrees regularly, raised to a Master Mason in 2012, and in July 2013 was installed as the Marshall for Young County Lodge #485 during this Masonic year. When quizzed about why he joined Masonry he said, “It just seemed like a good bunch of men to be around and be associated with.”

Brother Erwin’s good nature, humor, and more especially his loving Wife Pam have made a great addition to the membership and Family of Young County Masonic Lodge #485 in Graham, TX. Along with visiting his web page, and to get the latest addition to his cartoon collection, be sure and “like” Brother Erwin and Hooves and Horns Cowtoons on Facebook by searching for Hooves and Horns Cowtoons.



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I have seen so much of his

by Pete·Wed, 12/31/1969 - 6:00pm

I have seen so much of his work in the past, its nice to.put a face to his work. Congratulations although a bit late. It'd never be too late to welcome a new Brother.

Marvin Maxson

Boggy Lodge 739

Teague, Texas