“Freedoms Foundation Banquet”


Brethren and Friends,
The Highland Park Lodge website has been updated with the “Freedoms Foundation Banquet” slideshow on the home page.
Highland Park Lodge made a grant presentation to President, Jack Smith of The Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, Dallas Chapter, to help support sending four seniors High School students to the (annual) 3 day seminar in Valley Forge this spring.
The Banquet was held in the beautiful Crystal Ballroom in the Scottish Rite Cathedral.
Guest speaker was Linda Faulkner, Personal Secretary to Nancy Reagan while the Reagan’s were in the White House for 8 years. Her first-hand experiences were enlighting and with added moments of humor. An enjoyable speaker.
Officers from HP Lodge dressed in white aprons made the grant presentation.
WM, Hudman, SW, Ken Black, Secretary, Mike Biddler, Member, Bill McCutcheon and Treasurer, JDarrell Kirkley. Also Bro, Steve Gooch gave a short briefing about the Cathedrals’ history.
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Scottish Rite Cathedral
18112 Hollow Oak Court
Dallas, TX 75287
United States